Ballet Day will be her FAVORITE day of the week!

We can’t wait to welcome you to the beautiful world of ballet! New students are welcome throughout the year as space is available.

Our students come from Gap, Parkesburg, Christiana, Atglen, Cochranville, Pequea, Paradise, Quarryville, Thorndale, Downingtown & Coatesville to be a part of the nurturing, friendly, wholesome environment at Octorara Ballet School where every dancer is encouraged to dance and live with excellence.

For more information on which class is best for your child, please view our WHICH CLASS SHOULD I CHOOSE page. For questions about what your child needs to wear to class, make sure to take a look at the Dress Code page.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What Happens in a typical beginning ballet class?

Students begin sitting in a circle on the floor for their warm-up. After the warm-up, they learn steps that move across the room. At the end of class, there is usually an imaginative dance activity. The class always ends with a curtsey.

+ Do you offer jazz, hip hop or tap?

As a school specializing in ballet, we do not offer jazz or hip hop. Dance teachers agree that ballet is the place to begin, even if you want to pursue jazz or hip hop. It is the foundation just as learning piano is the foundation for taking up any musical instrument. Our classes are fun & energetic so we encourage you to give ballet a try!

+ Is my child too energetic for ballet class?

If you have a high-energy child, she will love our beginning classes which are highly imaginative and active. As well, she will learn to stand quietly and work on being a polite listener. For parents who want their children to be extra-tired before bedtime, we recommend our Ballet & Tumbling classes.

+ My Child is shy. Do you think she can handle ballet class?

Many shy children thrive in ballet class. The great thing about ballet class for a shy child is that she won’t have to speak in class! If your child is three or four years old and is shy, we recommend our Dress Up & Dance program as her first ballet class.

+ Do your dancers learn to dance on their toes?

Yes, our advanced dancers do learn to dance on pointe. In order to get to the place where they are physically ready to learn pointe, they must first be at least ten years old and have developed the strength and body control needed to go be safe dancing on pointe.

+ Can parents observe classes?

Parents are always welcome to observe through the windows in the waiting room doors at our Gap studio or through the archways at Beale Manor. Once each semester, we invite families to join us in the studio for Observation Days. This is fun for all and a good “practice performance” for the dancers.

+ Do you participate in dance competitions?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars each year on entry fees, travel, hotels, and costumes, we focus on building a supportive ballet family where dancers learn to serve others through story ballet performances.