Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do your dancers learn to dance on their toes?

Yes, our advanced dancers do learn to dance on pointe. In order to get to the place where they are physically ready to learn pointe, they must first be at least ten years old and have developed the strength and body control needed to go be safe dancing on pointe.

+ Can parents observe classes?

Parents are always welcome to observe through the windows in the waiting room doors at our Gap studio or through the archways at Beale Manor. Once each semester, we invite families to join us in the studio for Observation Days. This is fun for all and a good “practice performance” for the dancers.

+ Do you participate in dance competitions?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars each year on entry fees, travel, hotels, and costumes, we focus on building a supportive ballet family where dancers learn to serve others through story ballet performances.


+ Can siblings be in the same class?

Yes! We realize that parents are very busy.

+ Why aren't there Tumbling and Acro classes in Parkesburg?

All of our Tumbling and Acro classes are held at our Gap studio where we have enough space to tumble (and to store our tumbling mats). Families from the Parkesburg area are welcome to come to Gap if they want Tumbling or Acro in addition to Ballet.

+ My child is not coordinated. Will she able to tumble?

Yes! This class will help to build coordination and confidence. Our teaching staff is very encouraging to children of all abilities.


+ Can students take individual classes?

Yes. Though most students take our four-class packages, limited spaces are available for enrollment in individual classes.

+ Can we join classes mid-year?

Yes, we take new students throughout the year as space available. Thinking of joining our classes? Call us at 610-593-8645 to schedule a visit to see the classes first-hand.

+ How old do students need to be to join your Kindergarten program?

Students should be five years old to participate.

+ Are your classes taught from a religious perspective?

All of our classes are taught from a Christian world view. Most of our students come from Protestant and Catholic backgrounds.

+ Is there homework?

Younger students have very occasional homework. Older students taking Theater and Writing will have weekly homework assignments. No grades are assigned to homework.

+ What qualifications do your teachers have?

Most importantly, our teachers love their subject matter and love teaching it to children. All have college majors in their field and most have Masters Degrees in their specialty.

+ When is tuition due?

Tuition will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month while classes are in session. Classes run for eight months from September to April.

In 2010, the Homeschool Program began as an Art class and Literature class held at our ballet school for homeschoolers who were a part of the ballet program. Over the past years our class offerings and age groups have grown to meet the needs of our homeschool families.


+ Are scholarships available?

Yes, for ballet classes only. To apply for a need-based ballet scholarship, please contact us at For more information on the scholarship program, please read more on our Scholarships page.

+ Are there additional fees?

Ballet fees: There are no additional fees to perform or for costumes. Required ballet outfits (including shoes) are around $60 (includes required shoes, tights, leotard and skirt) and may be purchased through the online link. Tickets to attend performances may be purchased online the month prior to the performance.

Homeschool fees: tuition is all-inclusive. There are no additional fees for materials or textbooks.

+ Is there a dress code?

We have a very specific dress code for each ballet class and we sell quality items for a reasonable price. New and used clothing is available at the studio during the school year and at our Open Houses during August & September.