Learning Enrichment Arts Program (LEAP) for Homeschoolers

Whether art, hands-on science, singing in a choir or performing a play, we help parents cover the topics that are difficult to teach at home while students are inspired by our teachers and look forward to seeing their friends each week. Classes meet on Monday afternoons from September to April.

We are not a co-op; parents do not have teaching or monitoring responsibilities. With an emphasis on the arts, our classes are taught by enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers from a Christian perspective.


Classes available for Grades K-10. Join us for Art, Choir, Theatre and Hands-on Science classes. Your child will look forward to Mondays and be inspired by our enthusiastic teachers.


Our classes are held at Chestnut Church located at 742 S. Vintage Rd in Christiana (at the intersection of 372 & Vintage Rd near Georgetown). The church has lots of classroom space, easy drop-off and pick-up, and handicap access.

Discount for early registration.

Register online by May 1 to receive $10 off your individual or family registration fee and enter to win a free family portrait by Katie Jones Photography!

Join us for Ballet!

Join our on-site Homeschool Ballet class on Mondays at noon for student age 5 to 9. Homeschool families love our delightful, wholesome culture and our Story Ballet Performances!

Why homeschool parents (and children) love our homeschool classes.

High quality of instruction and materials.

Children love our teachers who are specialists in their field and have a passion for teaching their subject matter.

A break for mom.

LEAP is a drop-off program; parents do not have teaching or monitoring responsibilities. We do have a designated waiting area for parents who wish to wait at the church during classes.

Creativity at work.

One of the biggest arguments for homeschooling is that children learn to think and to solve problems in a creative way. Teaching children to think creatively and problem-solve can be one of your best investments in their future. Our classes help develop these skills.

Worry Free Portfolio.

No need to worry that you won’t have enough to put in your portfolio or that the school district will question your child’s socialization. Each teacher provides a summary of the curriculum ready-to-go for your portfolio.

Homeschooling simplified.

A student taking our Package only needs to cover the basic academic subjects at home. This reduces stress for moms, which in turn makes homeschooling more workable over the long run.

Happy homeschoolers

LEAP students LOVE Mondays!! Happy homeschoolers WANT to continue to homeschool! This makes a parent’s job MUCH easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can students take individual classes?

Yes. Though most students take our four-class packages, limited spaces are available for enrollment in individual classes.

+ Can we join classes mid-year?

Yes, we take new students throughout the year as space available. Thinking of joining our classes? Call us at 610-593-8645 to schedule a visit to see the classes first-hand.

+ How old do students need to be to join your Kindergarten program?

Students should be five years old to participate.

+ Are your classes taught from a religious perspective?

All of our classes are taught from a Christian world view. Most of our students come from Protestant and Catholic backgrounds.

+ Is there homework?

Younger students have very occasional homework. Older students taking Theater will have weekly homework assignments. No grades are assigned to homework.

+ What qualifications do your teachers have?

Most importantly, our teachers love their subject matter and love teaching it to children. All have college majors in their field and most have Masters Degrees in their specialty.

+ When is tuition due?

Tuition will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month while classes are in session. Classes run for eight months from September to April.

+ Are there discounts for families with more than one child enrolled?

No. Classes are priced per individual child.

In 2010, the Homeschool Program began as an Art class and Literature class held at our ballet school for homeschoolers who were a part of the ballet program. Over the past years our class offerings and age groups have grown to meet the needs of our homeschool families.