DRESS UP & DANCE for Ages 3-4

Share her joy as she experiences her first ballet class! Be right there, by her side. 

DRESS UP & DANCE (Age 3-4)

Life is too short to miss these special moments in her life. See the delight in her eyes. Hold her hand. Cheer her on. Capture it on video. Share her joy as she puts on her first tutu. Parents and little dancers LOVE our Dress Up & Dance program. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this! Four-class sessions throughout the year. Parents attend class with their child.

LITTLE BALLERINAS (Age 4-7)—Summer only

She will experience the joy of being a ballerina and will love this fun, imaginative introduction to ballet! Four-class sessions during the summer. Parents are welcome to sit in the classroom to watch their little dancers shine with joy as they dance “all on their own” without a parent.

EARLY ONLINE REGISTRATION is recommended to reserve your space in class! CLICK BELOW to see class schedules and to register.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where are classes held?

Classes are held at our Gap studio located on Route 41, just south of the Gap Clock.

+ How do I sign up?

Online registration is available here. When registering online for classes, you will need a credit/debit card.

+ Do I need to wait until my child is three years old?

Because we want our students to thrive, we do require that they are three years old before their first class. If your child turns three mid-year, she is welcome to join our Winter or Spring session.

+ Could my five year old take Dress Up & Dance?

Though Dress Up & Dance is designed for three & four year olds, sometimes it is the right fit for five year olds. If your child is hesitant or shy in new settings or if she has a sibling in the class, she is welcome to attend. Some five year olds may find this class too “babyish”—after all, we are focusing this class for threes and fours, but she is welcome to give it a try and if she needs a more challenging class she is welcome to join Little Ballerinas or our Elementary Ballet or Ballet & Tumbling class.

+ What is a Dress Up & Dance class like?

In this thirty minute class, little dancers learn a basic warm-up, practice listening to the music while moving, and have lots of time for creative dance (in costumes!) at the end of class. We provide the costumes!

+ What is the parent’s role in Dress Up & Dance?

The parent’s role is to help the dancers follow directions, take them to the bathroom as needed, help them into their costumes and, most importantly, cheer them on! Parents do not need to dance, but they will need to move around the room with their child and must be able to sit on the floor with their child.

+ Is it possible for one parent to bring two children to Dress Up & Dance?

Ideally, each child will have a parent to be their partner, but sometimes this isn’t possible. We have had many parents successfully dance with two children.

+ Do students in Dress Up & Dance and Little Ballerinas participate in a performance?

Our First Steps students do not perform on stage, but parents and grandparents are welcome to observe class. We will have chairs set up in the studio for visitors. If your child is hesitant or shy, we recommend that you wait to bring visitors until we are a few weeks into the class so that your dancer can learn the routine without an audience! There will be plenty of time later on to perform on stage; this class is focused on learning to love ballet.

+ What should dancers and parents wear to class?

Dancers are required to wear ballet slippers. Leotard and tights are recommended but stretch pants or shorts and a T-Shirt will work just fine. Dress Up & Dance students may wear whatever clothing they like because three and four year olds love to choose what they will wear! We recommend ballet slippers without drawstrings as they are more comfortable and there are no strings to come untied. Adults wear comfortable clothing and socks (no shoes). Don't worry, you won't need to dance!

+ How many sessions of Dress Up & Dance or Little Ballerinas can we take?

As many as you like, as long as your child is within the age limits. When your child is ready to "do more", we recommend that they move into our Ballet Performance Program.

+ What is the philosophy behind the Dress Up & Dance program?

The core principles behind this program are:

  • Three and four year olds love and need special time with their parents
  • Ballet should be a happy, positive, creative experience
  • Three and four years olds can learn so much more with their parent at their side