Add Gymnastics Tumbling to a ballet class and experience twice the fun!

For more information on which class is best for your child, please view our WHICH CLASS SHOULD I CHOOSE page. 

Tumbling (ages 4–9)

Our Ballet + Tumbling classes are so much fun! After concentrating on grace and beginning ballet skills during the first part of class, students love learning gymnastics tumbling skills such as rolls and cartwheels. 

Through each skill, young dancers learn balance and coordination. They grow in flexibility and strength. Even students who are initially shy become much more confident as they learn in this fun-filled, structured environment. Students (and parents) love our soft tumbling mats too!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can siblings be in the same class?

Yes! We realize that parents are very busy.

+ Why aren't there Tumbling and Acro classes in Parkesburg?

All of our Tumbling and Acro classes are held at our Gap studio where we have enough space to tumble (and to store our tumbling mats). Families from the Parkesburg area are welcome to come to Gap if they want Tumbling or Acro in addition to Ballet.

+ My child is not coordinated. Will she able to tumble?

Yes! This class will help to build coordination and confidence. Our teaching staff is very encouraging to children of all abilities.